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Window Cleaning Brush

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Cleaning brush is the perfect choice for cleaning the door/window tracks or grooves. This brush has compact design for cleaning the grooves with perfect grip. Light weight and durable for regular use for your day-to-day cleaning of your kitchen/bathroom or office window or door grooves / tracks. Made of high quality plastic material with firm brush head. The design makes it a perfect tool for cleaning the window/door tracks or grooves.  PP+ scouring pad Weight about 25g Brush usage: window sill crevice cleaning brush Sales unit 2 Color green Material PP+ scouring pad Replaceable brush head & comfortable grip PP material handle, comfortable grip, fixed brush head designed with scouring pad material, strong cleaning power, can clean doors and windows slideways and gaps, etc. easily and effortlessly Creative gap design It can easily reach into the gap to clean. Hand-held convenience Small and easy to hold, not dirty, clean and effortless. Multi-scene application Daily household cleaning, easy and effortless. Due to the difference in color reflection of different monitors or monitor lighting, background, etc. the picture may not reflect the actual color of the product.


  • This Handy Cleaning Brush Tool Is Made Of High Quality Materials. Grooved Cleaning Brush - Durable, Flexible, Soft And Hard Wearing. They Can Be Used For A Long Time And Can Be Reused. The Compact And Comfortable Grip Keeps Your Hands Free Of Dirt While Making Cleaning Effortless;
  • Handheld, Comfortable To Hold, Ergonomic, The Window Frame And Door Slot Cleaning Brush Penetrates Many Hard-To-Reach Corners. They Are Great For Removing Grease And Grime From Window Slots, Blinds, Vents, Sliding Doors, Shower Doors, Refrigerators, Keyboards, Sinks, And More;
  • Dry Or Wet Brush. If Stubborn Stains Are Difficult To Remove, You Can Use A Brush Dipped In Liquid To Clean, Or You Can Brush With A Dry Brush First; This Handheld Crevice Cleaning Tool Also Features A Fixed Brush Head Made Of Scouring Pad, Durable And Flexible Material With Good Cleaning Power , Ideal For Cleaning Door And Window Slides And Crevices;
  • The 1 Piece Window Brushes Are Made With An Innovative Smart Crevice Gap Design To Easily Reach Into Crevices And Clean. Suitable For Kitchens, Windows, and Doors. Compact Structure, Easy To Grasp, Not Dirty, Clean, Labor-Saving And Labor-Saving.


  • Product Dimensions - 13.46 x 8.89 x 3.05 cm
  • Special Features - ‎Flexible
  • Item Weight - 50 g
  • Material - PVC

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