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Push Button Kitchen Storage Container

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Are You Looking For A More Convenient Way To Store And Keep Your Grains Fresh And Dry?

  • Conveniently dispense rice, cereals, dry fruits or grains hassle-free with our Wall Mounted¬†Push Button type Kitchen Storage Container!

  • This unique wall-mounted dispenser provides you an¬†amazing space-saving solution¬†for dispensing your grains!
  • It‚Äôs a must-have¬†dry food¬†dispenser for every home!
  • Get the space-saving convenience that you need to¬†keep your grains fresh and organized¬†with¬†our¬†Push Button Kitchen Storage Container.
  • It can¬†store up to 1100mL¬†of different kinds of grains such as¬†Cereal, Nuts, Corn, Mung Beans, Macaroni, Coffee Beans and many more.


  • Make your kitchen¬†more clean and tidy¬†with¬†Wall Mounted Dispenser,¬†you can¬†get what you need instantly¬†with its transparent body. Just press to get them out¬†with no mess!
  • Easy stick-on¬†installation¬†with its super strong holding power, use it on wall or¬†the refrigerator¬†door will¬†save you a lot of space!

  • The dispenser is¬†sealed to keep the freshness of dry food.¬†Just place the bowl under the dispenser and turn the knob to get the controlled part.
  • It comes with super strong adhesive at the back of the container that you can¬†Stick to ANY wall surface!¬†

  • The¬†transparent body can see the food in the box,¬†and the large capacity can hold all kinds of food, such as grains, sugar, cereals, rice, etc.
  • The¬†wide opening on the top¬†makes it easy to put in the grain, and the dispensing button can sprinkle the right amount of food.


  • Pack of 2/3/4 Push Button Kitchen Storage Container

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