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Vegetable Scrubbing Brush

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Made of good quality material, non‑toxic, safe to use, durable, and long‑lasting. Use it as a potato brush to wipe off dirt and crumbs without peeling off the delicious and nutritious potato skins.

Introducing the Vegetable Scrubbing Brush, a versatile and non-toxic tool designed to make your kitchen tasks a breeze! Shaped like a carrot, this innovative vegetable scrubber is perfect for cleaning various vegetables, especially potatoes, ensuring they are free from dirt and impurities.With its durable bristles, the brush efficiently removes debris while being gentle on your produce. Say goodbye to scrubbing hassles and hello to fresh, clean vegetables with this handy and eco-friendly toolThe cleaning brush is made of high-quality PP and PE material, durable and long-lasting. The flexible design makes it easy to bend to fit fruits and vegetables of different shapes and sizes for better cleaning. It also has a hole design that allows you to hang it more conveniently after washing.


  • Item Type: Vegetable Brush
  • Material: PP+PE
  • Color: As shown in the picture
  • Product Size: Approx.14x6cm/5.5x2.4in
  • Weight: Approx.44g/1.6oz


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