U-Shaped Pillow For Neck Support

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  • 【U-Shaped Neck Massager Shiatsu Massager】Massage Pads Wireless The ergonomic U-shaped massage pillow provides excellent support for the neck, while the shiatsu neck massage can reduce the pressure on the cervical vertebrae, relieve neck muscle pain neck tension. wordless pillow pain neck heat massage neck heat pillow neck heat pillow neck heat pillow neck pillow neck pillow neck massage

  • 【Extended L-shaped deep massage contacts】portable There are 4 petal massage heads and 20 simulated acupoint massage contacts. Each massage head has an elongated L-shaped massage contact, which can touch the deep muscle tissue in different parts of the body during massage and kneading, which is more effective than ordinary acupressure massagers. Deep tissue massage

  • 【Graphite Fast Heating】The support tissue exceeds the heating speed of ordinary infrared heating massage machines on the market, you can feel the heat increase after turning on for 3 seconds, warm massage can speed up blood circulation in the massaged body parts. Neck Relaxation Device, Deep Heat Muscle Massage Electric

  • 【Adjustable kneading massage technology strength】kneading the cervix, relieves the cervical muscle. Take care of the body massage needs of different ages customers, the CONQUECO smart massager provides two adjustment modes: gentle and strong, and you can choose positive and negative modes, so that both ends of your muscles can feel the same relaxation.


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