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Transparent Water Bag

Rs. 549 Rs. 1,099


These classic hot water bottles are your perfect warm companion. Fill with hot water and use it to warm your bed, relieve joint and muscle pains, stomachaches, etc. The perfect birthday or holiday gift for friends and family, ideal for keeping you cosy at night or quick pain relief. Use the bottle to relax with as a bed warmer on a chilly night or use it to heat feet during the day. Thermoplastic material that is recyclable. Advanced thermoplastic holds heat longer than traditional hot water bottles with a cover, also works as an ice pack, or cold water bottle wide mouth is easy to fill and the anti-spurt lip prevents water from spitting back out. Fill only to two-thirds capacity maximum. It's transparent. No more guesswork about how much hot water is inside the classic design of this classic home remedy. Treating sore muscles, stress or arthritis, aches and pains, stiff necks, lower back pain, and other common aches


  • High-Quality Environmental Protection  Materials, High Levels of Compression, Tension and Explosion Proof, Use More Assured
  • Humanized open-mouth design, easy to carry water without worrying about leaking hot hand
  • Seemingly Small, But with the Power of Floods and Famines, It is Warm and Intimate
  • Selected Environmental Friendly  Screw Cap, Leakproof cap plug
  • Suitable For Heat Therapy, Hand Warmer, Pain Relief etc


  •  Colour - ‎multicolour, transparent
  • Product Dimensions - ‎15 x 12 x 10 cm


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