Toothbrush With Tongue Scraper Cleaner

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Style: Style 1 (8 PCS)
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2 in 1 toothbrush with tongue cleaner and a moderately sized handle for the entire length. Just remind you to clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth.

Non-slip handle Double-headed clean without dead corners, keep away from tooth troubles.

A handy flexible soft bristle toothbrush for sensitive teeth is designed with rubber bumps to clean the tongue coating and remove bad breath.

Baby brush and tongue cleaner for travel outdoors with case It helps remove the gunk from your tongue that might have inhabited it. It leaves your breath feeling fresh so that you're ready to face your daily activities.


  • Colour Multicolour
  • Handle Material Rubber
  • Number of Items 8
  • Included Components Cover
  • Item Firmness Description Soft
  • Specific Uses For Product Teeth, Teeth.non-slip, Tongue

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