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Toilet Seat Cover Pads

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Rs. 699 Rs. 1,399


Enjoy a soft and comfortable toilet seat cover with this knitted cotton material seat warmer. It has a high elasticity that can be adjusted and stretched to fit your toilet cover better and a full envelope design for breathability even in summer. Installation is easy and hassle-free. Get a better bathroom experience with this toilet seat cover.

The padded toilet seat Provides essential comfort by reducing the feeling of freezing and discomfort from a cold toilet seat, ensuring a warm and cozy experience, and This toilet cover seat is Simple to install and effortless to use and clean, offering convenience and hassle-free maintenance.

This toilet seat cushion is Made from skin-friendly materials, promoting hygiene and ensuring a sanitary toilet environment.

This seat covers the toilet and Offers warmth and comfort throughout the year, making it suitable for all seasons, not just winter.

Can be washed with water and reused, thanks to its durable coral velvet fabric, providing long-lasting functionality and value.


  • Colour: Pink 
  • Material: Fabric
  • Shape: Round


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