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  • HIGH SHEET CAPACITY: Staple up to 25 sheets of paper at once with ease.
  • JAM-FREE & LIGHTNING FAST: Our internal mechanisms staple at lightning speed. When paired with our stainless steel 1/4" staple strips with 210 staples per strip we can guarantee no jamming!

  • EXTRA QUIET: Disruption free with whisper-quiet stapling
  • PUSH BUTTON RELOADING: Reload with the simple push of a button. Push the button on the back and a tray pops out to quickly reload.

  • DEPTH ADJUSTMENT: 14-point depth adjustment
  • VERSATILE POWER OPTIONS: Can be powered by 6 AA Batteries or an AC Adaptor


  • 25 sheet capacity
  • AC Power or Battery Operated
  • Push-Button reloading
  • 14 point depth adjustment


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