Solar Car Air Freshener Umbrella Perfume

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Solar Energy Car Perfume Air Freshener uses an innovative solar concentrator, which can be rotated to diffusion of fragrance when encountering sunlight, and the fragrance can be smelled in 1 second, without manual operation.

Car air fresheners are safe to use around pregnant women and children. Pure plant essential oils with a mild scent, suitable for anyone. Using innovative solar panels, it can rotate to accelerate the diffusion of fragrance when it encounters sunlight, and you can smell the fragrance in 1 second.

Aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from natural plant ingredients, with no alcohol, and no additives, are equipped with natural birch incense ingots, and use fragrance-locking technology to exude a natural fragrance.



  • Material: alloy (Base)
  • Product Size: 40x90mm/1.6x3.5in
  • Security certification: Plant essential oils are safe, mild, non-irritating, and alcohol-free.


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