Smooth Scented Candle

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The wax used in Wax and oil candles is produced from the oil in a manner that is mindful of our environment. It is biodegradable. Our candles are less toxic when compared to other wax. It calms the nerves and relieves anxiety. 

Experience the cozy comfort and soothing ambiance anywhere in your home. 

Smooth Fragrance Odorless , Material : 100% pure paraffin wax & Soy Wax. 
Our Bubble Candles are made by hand and are meant to be displayed as a piece of decor, but can also be burned with a heat resistant holder underneath.

  • Material: Soya Wax
  • Product Weight: 150 Grams 
  • Product Dimensions: 6 X 6 X 6 Cm 

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