Skipping Rope With Counter

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This rope skipping uses a portable mechanical counting device, which does not contain batteries but can accurately calculate the number of times you skip; it's convenient for you to calculate your own amount of exercise. We wrap the handle part in foam to ensure the comfort of the hand holding, you don't have to worry about the aging of hand skin caused by long-term skipping in addition, the length of our rope is adjustable, you can adjust to the most comfortable length for well fitting. You can give it to your friends and relatives, or use it with your partner; cannot only lose weight but also enhance the resistance to give you a healthier body. Mechanical counting rope is a healthy exercise that needs many times and is continuous for a long time, so we use PVC material to make rope, which makes it wear-resistant and moderate in weight, and durable in use; let you enjoy the fun of jumping rope, instead of feeling tired after jumping for a while. If today's training task is over and you don't want to keep the count on the skipping rope, you can press the next black button to clear the existing number and start a new challenge the next day.


  • Lightweight and portable the design is perfect for travelers, making it easy to transport without weighing you down.
  • Exercise in comfort it is designed with professional-grade construction and breathable materials so you can exercise without any distractions.
  • Adjustable length the extended length allows you to position the monitor exactly how you like it, for maximum comfort.
  • Multiple uses it's a device you can use in almost any situation, saving you time and stress. Charge your electronics, light up a room, or be prepared in an emergency - it's all possible with this pocket-sized powerhouse.
  • Suitable for multiple sports it's the perfect accessory to have in your gym bag, whichever sport you choose to practice. It's a sleek and simple design, lightweight, and durable for long-term use.
  • Built-in counter the built-in counter ensures accuracy and efficiency, making it easy to monitor your progress.
  • Bodybuilding built with premium ingredients, this method of supplementation is designed to support physique goals and help you reach your peak performance.


  • Material - Abs
  • Color - Red & Black
  • Length - 110 inches
  • Special feature - Durable


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