Silicone Teether Toy for Gum Massage

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Experience the Joy of Pain-Free Teething 

Our 3D Shape Silicone Teether Mitten is a remarkable innovation designed to soothe your baby's teething discomfort. The 3D textured surface massages the baby's gums, offering pain relief while promoting healthy tooth eruption. The soft silicone is not just gentle on the gums but also easy to clean, ensuring your baby's oral hygiene stays top-notch.

A Safe and Fun Distraction from Finger Sucking 

This baby silicone teething toy doubles as a playful mitten that keeps your baby entertained, while also preventing finger sucking. The bright colors and distinctive 3D shapes are visually stimulating, sparking curiosity and development.

Built for a Secure, Comfortable Fit 

Designed with adjustable straps, our Silicone Teether Mitten ensures a snug fit on your baby's hand, eliminating the worry of the teether falling off or the baby dropping it.


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