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Silicone Scrubbing Hand Gloves for Dish Washing

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These silicone scrubbing gloves provide superior protection for your hands when washing dishes without sacrificing comfort. The non-slip silicone texture allows for easier cleaning and scrubbing on dishes and cookware and provides superior grip while wet. They are reusable and made from durable, waterproof materials for long-term use. They are also temperature-resistant and perfect for both hot and cold dishwashing environments, making them the ideal cleaning and dishwashing glove.

Silicone Gloves Reusable Wash Scrubber

These silicone cleaning gloves are good helpers for cleaning, which can be used for the kitchen, washing dishes, fruit & vegetables, cleaning bathrooms & bedrooms, removing wardrobe dust, washing pets, and washing the car.

Cleaning Brush Gloves

Anti-scalding and heat-resistant

Cleaning Brush Gloves

One rinse is clean, no dirt is hidden

Cleaning Brush Gloves

Gloves and brushes blend into one for easy cleaning

Cleaning Brush Gloves

MultiPurposes of using:

• Kitchen supplies- dishwasher cleaner
• Cooking gadget- vegetable and fruit washing brush
• Bathroom cleaning supplies- bath and sink scrubber
• Toilet cleaning- silicone toilet brush
• Pets care- hair remover, washing
• Clothes washing
• Window washing equipment
• Scrub gloves made with love and care!

Cleaning Brush Gloves

Pet Hair Care

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