Anti-collision Silicone Protective Cover for Door Handle Noise Reduction Safe

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The door handle silicone protective cover can protect the door handle, protect the wall from being damaged, and protect the child from being bruised. It can also effectively prevent static electricity in winter.



1.Anti-Collision and Anti-Static: 3.5mm thick, which can effectively protect children and the elderly from harm. Reduce static electricity generated when door handles are exposed in winter.


2. Safety Door Handle Gloves: made of high-quality silicone, waterproof, quick-drying, and not easy to deform after squeezing. Easy to install most L-shaped door handles. It is safe to use and feels soft and comfortable.

3. Suction Cup Design: The suction cup on the back of the protective cover can be used to suck the wall to prevent shaking when opening the door, effectively absorb noise, and provide you with a quiet sleeping and office environment.

4. Easy To Install: The front half of the opening is designed to facilitate installation within one minute. You can apply hand cream (grease) on the door handle to reduce the friction of silicone and make installation more labor-saving.

👉Product Details:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Product Weight: 55g
  • Product Size (length x width x height): 15×10×5cm / 5.9×3.9×2 inches
  • Applicable Size: door handle within 13×2.6 cm / 5.12×1.02 inches


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