Shower Bath Premium Sponge Lufa

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A stylish shower body puffs bouquet. Our lufa bath sponge is wrapped in a polybag and the shower puffs is manufactured from 100% recycled layers of dense mesh material. A perfect bathroom accessory or gift set for a loved one. The shower scrunchies multipack 6 Colour is made of 100% recycled Material. Whether you are looking for shower accessories to treat yourself or gifting for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion, you can gift the soap and glory shower sponges to surprise and delight that special someone.

Bath ball the mesh structure can be used as a bath to thoroughly clean the dirt and sweat of the skin, which is more effective in removing dead skin and enhancing blood circulation on the surface of the skin.
When taking a bath, first soak the Mesh sponge, then squeeze a small amount of shower gel on the mesh sponge, gently rub it, and then scrub it on the body after generating a large amount of foam. This not only avoids the waste of shower gel but also avoids the direct contact of shower gel with the skin.
Mesh sponge needs to be cleaned after using it, hung drying after throwing the water, and generally dry naturally.
It can well remove dirt and sweat from the skin, and also make our skin smoother and more tender.

  • Material: Ethylene
  • Product Weight: 60 gms
  • Packaging Dimensions: 13 x 21 x 6 Cm
  • Package Content: 2 & 4 Pcs


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