Reusable Metal Writing Pencil

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Unlimited pencil without need to sharpen or replace refill and no ink, because the nib is made of alloy, the nib rubs on paper to decompose alloy metal molecules and leave them on the surface of the paper. Can be applied to notebooks & writing pads, stone paper, kraft paper, and most paper, and the handwriting can be retained for a long time. This is an inkless pen that can give you smooth writing and drawing experience. Meanwhile, mechanical pencils for writing It is a great choice for students, painters, artists, teachers, etc. The nib adopts a screw interface design, which can be easily removed and replaced, with no need to sharpen the pencil and no ink, it not only can motivate children's interest to write and study, but also saves time and cost.No longer to worry about broken pencils. These inkless pencils eternal suitable for sketching, writing, drawing, drafting, arts, and crafts, it's the best gift for children, students, teachers, friends, artists, and painting lovers.Everlasting Inkless Pencils Portable Reusable and Erasable Metal WritiThe reason why this metal inkless pen can write without sharpening a knife or ink is that the tip of the pen rubs on the paper, which causes the alloy metal molecules to decompose and stay on the surface of the paper.

The nib is made of metal, small in size, and the color is similar to that of a normal pencil, and the writing is smooth. The handwriting is also easy to erase with an eraser. There is a long eraser inside, which is easy to erase.The metal erasable pen can use the compressed nib to replace up to 100 traditional pencils, without sharpening or changing the refill; to help you reduce the time of sharpening or refilling, we have included 6 replaceable nibs for your use.No need to sharpen a knife, no ink. Provide you with convenient writing, no need to worry about ink interruption. Non-slip pen holder; sturdy pen holder; comfortable grip. Stylish and sophisticated design.SPECIFICATIONS

  • Material: Plastic, Graphite (With Eraser)
  • Color: Multicolor 
  • Product Weight: 20 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 1 x 2 Cm


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