Removable Handle Replacement For Kitchen Utensils

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Removable handle replacement for kitchen utensils, removable handle for cake model saucepan frying pan
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About this title:

Removable handle that is fixed and dismounted with a single click and is designed to withstand a weight of up to 22.0 lbs Sturdy plastic bakelite suitable for dishwasher A piece of metal on one end protects the handle from the heat, and the rubber, metal and plastic carry materials resistant to high temperatures.
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But do not put this handle directly in the fire and not hot for a long time Good hand-feeling: ergonomic handle, heat resistant, is the perfect replacement for your kitchen
utensils size:19.5x5x4cm
Includes: 1x removable handle
• Removable Handle Replacement For Kitchen Utensils, Removable Handle For Cake Model Saucepan Frying Pan

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