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Premium Waterproof Shoe Cover

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Tired of wet & dirty shoes?

We've got you covered, literally!

Keep your shoes clean, without sacrificing your safety, when you use our ingenious, Premium Waterproof Shoe Cover!

Made of extremely durable silicone and engineered with water-resistant material, these shoe covers effectively protect your beloved shoes from rain, slush, snow, dust, mud, you name it. While the anti-slip sole helps prevent accidental slips and falls. The ultra-elastic and portable design allows you to easily fold them and carry them in your bag, or even your pockets.


 Perfect Materials: Made of 100% premium non-toxic, durable and elastic silicone rubber, which ensures durability and environmental safety.

✅ Anti-Slip Sole: Equipped with enhanced anti-slip sole to prevent you from slipping.

✅ Waterproof: Avoid soppy shoes and wet socks/foot in rainy, muddy, slushy or snowy days.

✅ Portable: Simply fold the shoe covers and store it in your bag or pocket. Easy to carry with its elastic design. 

✅ Slide-in seconds: It's as simple as wearing socks, just slide in seconds and you're all set.

✅Stylish: Our silicone shoe cover is able to maintain the original shape & design of your sneakers due to its elastic and see-through materials. You don't have to sacrifice your style/fashion at all.

✅ Durable & Reusable: Our silicone shoe cover is reusable and can be comfortably worn for up to 2000 times. 


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