Portable Electric Abdomen Massager

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  • 6 Mode and 3 Temperature Gears: Provide kinds of massage strength options. Including hot compress at a constant temperature, massage speed regulation, corotation, and inversion regulation. Massage for 15 minutes every day can relax the body and mind, with timing function and automatic power off.

  • Compact Appearance: Electric belly massager is handheld, can perfectly fit the abdomen, deeply massage the soft tissue of abdominal. Easy to use anytime and anywhere.

  • 3 Needle Stones and 4 Massage Heads: Heated at a constant temperature, ensure the strength of massage force. For deep heating and massage, and care for the stomach and intestines.

  • Al Simulated Human Kneading: With scientific technology and smokeless moxibustion, can deep acupoint massage, relax the body. Through the meridians to conduct, release heat, take away the body damp and cold, soothing menstrual pain, muscle pain.

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