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Portable Bracelet Flask For Drinks

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In today's society everyone loves to go to parties to have fun. To have drinks with your friends you have to go to a bar or a café. But what if, you can have your favourite drink at any place and at anytime.

With this portable flask bracelet you can carry your drink along with you every time. This bracelet consists of an inbuilt storage so that you can store any liquid into it easily. This flask is the most stylish drink carrier ever. It is perfect for the time when you require a subtle sipping.

It looks fashionable and can hold upto 3.5oz of any liquid. It has a stainless steel screw at the top so as to prevent any spill of your drink. Just fill in with the refreshing drink direct from the refrigerator into the flask and you can have the drink at any hot outdoor event.



  • Fashionable - It looks very classy and elegant so that you can wear it as a fashion accessory.
  • Light weight - It is very light weight, anybody can wear it easily and comfortably
  • Unique Design - It has a very unique design which makes it stand aside from every other flask of its kind
  • Highly Portable - People wear it as bracelet so it is portable and doesn’t lead to any excess item while going out


  • Product name: 3.5 oz bracelet hip flask 
  • Product material: pot body, spout are of 304 stainless steel, copper (pot lid) 
  • Product capacity: 3.5oz / 100ml 
  • Product weight: 93g (net weight) 


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