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Plastic Sink Drainer Rack

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This product can not only be used as a storage shelf to place the dishes that are not needed, but also can be placed just washed dishes, it is ideal for draining and drying dishes efficiently Also use in the office for organizing documents, stationery, magazine, essentials. The roll-up feature enables the drying rack to be cleaned in the dishwasher. Food scraps and mold will be wiped out. Space-saving Design - The foldable drying rack is very easy to store, rolls it up quickly and neatly into a compact cylinder to save space when not in use, and stores it horizontally or vertically. Easy to Clean - Easy cleaning surface won’t trouble you a lot when it gets dirty. Just put it in running water and wipe, then you will get a spotless rack. SiIicone Ends - The heavy silicone end makes you can easy to fold the sink dish rack, durable and not broken.

Hollow design, there is a diversion tray at the bottom which is easy to drain and there is a special small drain place to place chopsticks and spoons, the chopsticks and dishes are placed separately which is very convenient.
The Design, Human Diversion Bottom Tray, More Convenient and Clean, Supporting Individual Chopsticks Spoon Cylinder, Side Hooks, You Can Freely Hanging In The Draining Rack.
Made of durable heavy-duty plastic, environmentally safe and healthy. Provision of a slanting surface at the bottom for quick water drainage from washed.


  • Vol. Weight (Gm):- 4762
  • Product Weight (Gm):- 860
  • Ship Weight (Gm):- 4762
  • Length (Cm):- 44
  • Breadth (Cm):- 30
  • Height (Cm):- 18


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