Pixel Art Display With Sling Bag

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Customize your way - Create any pixel art animation easily via the Divoom mobile application, or you can convert GIF to display. You can also type in the message and display it on your Sling Bag. Best of all, you can search for your desired design from the massive online gallery, and interact with other pixel art fans around the world.
The front bag allows you to store the power bank to power the LED display, with several separate compartments inside the middle bag, enough room to fit an iPad mini, makeup, tissue, keys, and even a water bottle. The waterproof cross bag comes with a rear bag to keep the iPhone and wall making it an ideal day pack.
Designed with an adjustable shoulder strap and you can carry it on your shoulder or around your waist. The strap fastener has a really strong magnet that fixes the sling pack firmly. The buckle is easy to take off when you pull the rope on the buckle.
Water-resistant fabric. - The fabric has high gloss and water repellent properties, is flexible and wear-resistant, feels comfortable, smooth and wrinkle-free, light and environmentally friendly.Pixoo-Slingbag | Smart Sling | OutdoorMaster | Travel Backpack for Women &  Men | Crossbody Shoulder

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