Orthopedic Cushion For Joint Pain Relief

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Are your hips, sciatica, knees, or back ruining your awakenings?

Reconcile your nocturnal pain with our memory foam cushion with a support strap, only available online on Celsius.

Finally, get rid of your daily joint pain.

You spend almost a third of your day lying down, whether at night or even during your naps, without worrying about your position.

You think you are resting but on the contrary, you are only making your case worse.

before after cellsius knee cushion


When sleeping on your side, your upper leg naturally swings in front of your lower leg.

This posture increases the risk of twisting the sacroiliac region (the pelvic bone and sacrum) and throws your spine off-axis.

The result, your joint pains wake up.

To get out of this nightmare, our cushion has a design adapted to all body types.

Placed between your knees at bedtime, this support:

  • Corrects the lumbar hollow created by the lying position
  • Relieves the joints and boosts blood circulation
  • Decompresses the vertebrae and soothes the back

Joint pain

  • Relieves pressure on the knees (in the event of knee osteoarthritis, nostalgia, meniscus problem, etc.) or the hip (during CFA, coxarthrosis, plexopathy, etc.)
  • Preserves the pain and pressure associated with pregnancy while lying down

By simply correcting the overlapping of your legs at night, your hips, knees, and back return to their natural alignment and release painful pressure points

Opt for a good position and relax deeply.

We tend to minimize certain unhealthy everyday gestures and eliminating or limiting them would be enough to make our lives better.

Stop bothering with bulky, non-orthopedic leg support.

With this cushion between your thighs, instantly find the ideal position for sleeping on your side without discomfort.


knee pad with strap

 Many ailments are relieved by natural treatment.

Recommended by therapists, doctors, osteopaths, and rheumatologists , our cushion alleviates the following ailments (non-exhaustive list):

  • Post-operative pain
  • Gonalgia
  • Arthrodesis
  • Sciatica
  • low back pain
  • Neuralgia
  • Back, knee, and hip pain
  • Osteoarthritis and arthritis
doctor knee pillow

 Join thousands of satisfied and happy customers.  Whether at home or even on the go, it remains essential for everyone.   

A pleasant, hygienic, and breathable.

Discreet, comfortable, and easy to carry, the ergonomic cushion has perforated foam that is both soft and dense enough to:

  • Resumes its original shape with each use
  •  Absorb the weight of the legs without the risk of numbness 
memory foam pillow
  • Facilitate air circulation to regulate humidity and temperature
  • Track your movements and maintain the position all night long
With your lower body completely relaxed, rediscover the pleasure of falling asleep in your favorite position and regaining all your energy when you wake up.

Features :

  •  Materials: memory foam and polyester
  •  Removable cover included and machine washable
  •  Adapts to the anatomy of men and women
  •  Premium hypoallergenic materials
  •  Dimensions: 25x23x15.5cm
  •  Weight: 320g


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