One-Of-A-Kind Kids' Diwali Gift Hamper

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Product 1- Pocket Watercolor Painting Book

  • Compact and Portable: Our Pocket Watercolor Painting Book is small enough to fit in your child's pocket or backpack, making it ideal for on-the-go creativity. Whether you're traveling, waiting at a restaurant, or just relaxing at home, your child can easily take their artistic inspiration with them.

  • High-Quality Watercolor Paper: Each page of this painting book is crafted from premium watercolor paper, ensuring that your child's artwork comes to life with vibrant colors and smooth brush strokes. The paper is thick enough to handle watercolor paints without warping, providing a professional canvas for their masterpieces.

  • Built-In Brush: This kit includes a high-quality watercolor brush that fits neatly inside the book's cover. With its soft bristles and ergonomic design, it's perfect for little hands and encourages precision and control during painting sessions.

  • Variety of Designs: Inside the book, your child will find a diverse collection of ready-to-paint illustrations that cater to their creativity and interests. From whimsical animals to enchanting landscapes, there's something for every budding artist.

Product 2 - Educational Montessori Toddler Books

  • Interactive Learning: Our Quiet Sticker Toy Book is a gateway to interactive learning. It features a variety of engaging activities, puzzles, and challenges that encourage cognitive development while having fun.

  • Vibrant 3D Characters: Step into a world of imagination with our enchanting 3D characters. Each page of this book is brought to life with colorful and textured characters that kids can touch and feel, stimulating their sensory exploration.

  • Educational Stickers: Included in every set are packs of educational stickers that align with the book's content. These stickers provide a hands-on approach to learning shapes, numbers, letters, and more, enhancing fine motor skills and creativity.

  • Quiet and Mess-Free: Designed with parents in mind, our toy book is perfect for quiet playtime. No more noisy toys or messy art supplies! The stickers are easy to peel and adhere to the pages without leaving any residue.

Product 3-  DIY Cartoon Diamond Painting

  • Encourage Creativity: Inspire your child to express themselves through art and design with endless sticker options.¬†

  • Fine Motor Skills: Help them improve hand-eye coordination and concentration while having fun.¬†

  • Quality and Safety: Our stickers and accessories are made from child-friendly, non-toxic materials for peace of mind.¬†

  • Perfect for All Ages: Whether your child is 5 or 15, they'll love exploring their artistic talents with our kit.

Product 4 - Cute Animals Press Type Decorative Pen

  • Cute Animal Designs: Our decorative pen set features a charming assortment of cute animal designs, including playful pandas, charming cats, and delightful dogs. These endearing creatures are sure to bring a smile to your face as you work on your projects.


  • Press Type Mechanism: Effortlessly switch between different animal designs with a simple press. Each pen comes with multiple animal patterns, making it easy to add variety to your projects.


  • DIY Lace Decoration Tape: Elevate your creativity with our innovative DIY Lace Decoration Tape Pen. This unique feature allows you to embellish your creations with intricate lace patterns, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your projects.


  • Creative Scrapbooking Stickers: Included in this set are a variety of scrapbooking stickers that complement the animal designs beautifully. These stickers are perfect for adding accents, borders, or frames to your photos and mementos.

Package Includes:

  1.  Pocket Watercolor Painting Book
  2.  Educational Montessori Toddler Book
  3. DIY Cartoon Diamond Painting
  4.  Cute Animals Press Type Decorative Pen


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