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Oil Dispenser Sprayer Bottle

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This oil sprayer can fill with olive oil, vinegar, vegetable oil,lemon and lime juice, sauce, wine etc. Perfect for cooking, making salad, grilling, baking, roasting and frying barbecue etc. baking instead of using a brush, save oil and keep healthier.Simple pumping action that produces a fine mist, avoid getting blocked, more uniform in spraying and control the amount of oil per time used in cooking. And you can clean the bottle easily, just unscrew the lid and rinse it with some detergent & warm water


  • The olive oil sprayer mister is made from high quality stainless steel cap and food grade glass pot with tilt lines on bottom for skid-resistance, clear to see the capacity and dosage and let you know what exactly is inside
  • Compact and Portable: The 200ml cooking oil sprayer is lightweight and in small handheld size easily put in a travel bag and easy to carry.
  • The oil sprayer is made of healthy glass and 304 stainless steel lid without BPA and Eco- friendly, You will not smell any pungent odor from the product
  • This cooking spray can fill Premium Olive Oil and vegetable oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon and lime juice, sherry, which make it perfect for roasting, baking.
  • Clean - Just simple pumping action that produces mist, and you can easily control the amount of oil per time when used in cooking.
  • Simple: Handy for your table or countertop, Avoiding waste and good for health.
  • Nice shape will fit into any décor. Can use at home, safe, restaurant, hotel, party, buffet , etc.


  • Material: Glass
  • Colour : Transparent
  • Capacity : 200 Milliliters
  • Product Dimensions : 21W x 10H


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