Non-Stick Bamboo Steamer With Metal Edge

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This wooden bamboo steamer is essential for those looking to cook with traditional Chinese methods. Constructed from quality bamboo and featuring an innovative design that allows for even heating, this steamer will ensure your meals are cooked perfectly every time. The Wooden Bamboo Steamer is a must-have for any kitchen. Its natural material helps trap heat and moisture for perfectly cooked meals, and its unique design helps you cook food faster, saving time and energy. Plus, the bamboo material is durable, so your steamer can last for years. FEATURES

  • This steaming basket allows you to cook or reheat more items at the same time, which is very practical.
  • It helps to keep the original texture of food, retain more of their nutrients and provide a healthy cooking style.
  • Made with premium bamboo material and metal edge, it is strong, durable, and won't break easily.


  • Material: Bamboo & Metal Edge
  • No. Of Items: 1

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