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Multipurpose Reusable Cleaning Gloves

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Gloves suitable for kitchen/bathroom use in M size, fit most hands. Anti-slip design for easy, effective work. Premium PVC material, great for those with/ sensitive skin. Lightweight construction, ideal for kitchen/household/car-washing chores.

Suitable for household, hotel catering, food processing, factory, enterprise manufacturing, and other environmental water and oil proof, protect your hands.

Waterproof and Resistant Anti-Slip surface, increase friction, Care for your hands.

The cleaning glove can offer you is that is with extended cuffs to provide effective barrier protection for the wrists and forearms from moisture and oil stains.

With an anti-slid and waterproof design, the cleaning glove can give a nice grip and control for keeping the dishes from dropping and breaking as often.

These Rubber Hand Gloves Are Specifically Designed To Be More Durable Than Ordinary Gloves Can Be Used in Dry And Wet Water And are Oil Resistant to Take Care Of Your Skin

These Sleeve Safety Working Gloves Are Used In Garden Agricultural Threshing Field Soil Or Mud Works, Grinding Farming Agriculture By Planting Vegetable

The Anti-Slip Design Embossed on the Palm And Fingers Increases Friction To Ensure A Great Grip And Control of the Wet And Greasy Parts. 


  • Material: Latex
  • Product Weight: 70 grams
  • Product Dimensions: Medium  Size
  • Package Content: 1 Pairs

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