Multipurpose Hair Styling Kit

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Your hair can change your entire appearance. Change your everyday look with new hairstyles. Generic brings you a pack of 10 different hair styling combs which can be used by professionals at salons as well as at home for styling purposes. The plastic combs come in a wide variety of stylish needs from wide tooth combs, and metal tail combs to detangling rake twin tail combs. The pack includes a total of 10 combs, including one metal tail comb, 1 wide-tooth triple tail comb, 1 barber's comb, 1 wide tooth comb, 1 metal prong lift comb, 1 non-metal prong lift comb, 1 detangling rake twin tail comb, 1 detangling basin comb, and 2 tail combs.


  • Each of our combs is designed with straight, durable teeth of different sizes and densities to avoid pulling, tangling, or damaging hair.
  • The combs are anti-static and have specially designed rounded tips that don't hurt your scalp. These combs are available in fun, vibrant colors and are made with a high-grade polymer material.
  • Lightweight and discrete, this unisex hair comb set from durable plastic can be put in the car, a briefcase, your desk at work, or even your bathroom.
  • These combs can be used after the shower, bath, or on dry hair. In fact, they're great for head hair and even brushing out your beard.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic



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