Multicolor Ice Cube

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This 24-pack of Ice Cubes is perfect for people who love their drinks ice cold. These Ice Cubes are great for use at parties and at home and are great for chilling all types of drinks. They can be used over and over again, just wash, dry, and refreeze. These 24 nondiluting & reusable ice cubes will keep your drinks cooler for longer than the normal ice cubes. Perfect for using in a large batch of punch or fruit cocktails when you're entertaining. Put these cute & colorful ice cubes into your favorite drinks to make your drinks brighter and funny! Perfect for beer, whiskey, coffee, vodka, water, wine, juice, soda, highball, cocktails, hurricane glasses, cool bags, and more. Enjoy them at all kinds of parties, bars, restaurants, pools, travel, and so on.

The artificial ice cubes can cool your drinks and still keep the original flavor even after the ice melts. The ice cubes that turn into the water won't dilute your drinks. In addition, plastic ice cubes can also be used for cold compress and fever reduction.
Compared to ice cube trays, our reusable ice cubes are easier to use and can be reused multiple times. You don't need to add water to ice cube trays, which is very troublesome and inconvenient. Before use, just wash the ice cubes, dry them, and place them into the refrigerator for several hours, put them into drinks, you can enjoy chill drinks.
These nondiluting ice cubes are made of high-quality PE material and purified water they, BPA free, sturdy enough and durable, not easy to break or leak, and have no harm to your body. You can use them with confidence and enjoy tasty iced juices and wines with your family and friends.

Multicolor ice cubes can make your drinks more delicious. The reusable ice cubes can be widely applied for family gatherings, birthday parties, pool parties, beach parties, festival parties, bars, restaurants, etc. They are suitable for putting into whiskey, cocktails, coffee, wine, vodka, juice, soda water, and more drinks.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Packing Dimensions:13 x21 x 6
  • Package Content: 24


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