Multicolor Ankle Ball Jumping Ring Stick

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Train coordination and burn calories with a fast, fun, ring-jumping game. Features: colorful flash wheel that illuminates automatically; foldable and includes backpack; 5.5" ankle loop of thick padding (4mm) for comfort and safety; lightweight plastic ball swings without hurting ankle. Enjoy a new twist on jumping, improve cardiovascular fitness and agility, and have fun while developing coordination.

Place one foot in the hoop and gently turn the skipping rope for a fun jumping game, suitable for children over 3 years old

Swing ball helps to develop children's coordination and motor function, while burning excess energy.

The Skip Ball is a great game interaction toy, this super-healthy exercise not only challenges your child's imagination, but also keeps them active in the game and deepens your relationship with your child.

Jumping ball with upgraded buckle is more convenient for lovers of different ages to put their feet into the jump ring, the body contact parts with high-quality PP sponge to better protect the user's ankle.


    • Material : Plastic + Foam
    • Product Weight : 250 grams
    • Product Dimensions: 62 Height
    • Packaging Dimensions : 64 x 18 x 11 Cm
    • Package Content : 1 Pc


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