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Introducing The 2-in-1 Multi Hair Styling Comb

  • Lightweight Design for Effortless Styling
  • Weighing just 116g, this hairstyling comb is designed with a lightweight body for comfortable handling and effortless styling. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and enjoy precision styling without any hassle.

  • Revolutionary MCH Heating Technology
  • Experience the pinnacle of hairstyling innovation with MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) technology. This revolutionary heating system ensures rapid and consistent heat distribution, enabling quick styling without causing any damage to your hair.

  • Advanced Ceramic Hair Care Coating
  • The comb is equipped with a ceramic coating that not only protects your hair but also enhances its shine and smoothness. Bid farewell to frizz and welcome beautifully styled, healthy-looking hair every-time you use this comb.

  • Long-lasting Battery for On-the-Go Styling
  • With a powerful 4000mAh lithium battery, this hairstyling comb offers up to 70 minutes of standby time on a single charge. Enjoy the freedom of styling your hair anywhere, anytime, without worrying about running out of battery.

  • User-Friendly Interface for Seamless Connectivity
  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone interfaces, this hairstyling comb offers a user-friendly experience. Seamlessly connect to your device, adjust settings, and personalize your styling experience with ease. 

    Key Features:

    • Weight: 116g lightweight body.
    • MCH revolutionizes heating technology.
    • No Damage Heating. 
    • Ceramic Hair Care Coating. 
    • 4000Mah Lithium Battery.
    • Upto 70 minutes standby.
    • Anti-hot Shell Technology 
    • UI: Android/iPhone Interface

    Package Includes:

    • Hair Styling Comb
    • Warranty Card
    • User Manual
    • Charging Cable

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