Miracle V-Shaped Face Lifting Mask

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Eliminate your signs of aging as well as double chin with this multi-function V-Shape Mask.

Fight against sagging skin, revitalize youthfulness
As we age, the elastic fibers in the muscles are replaced by connective tissues. Although the connective tissues are strong, they are not elastic. In addition, the gradual loss of subcutaneous fat results in the sagging of the entire facial muscles. Leave it alone will cause various skin problems.
This V line face ling mask can deal with different skin problems: Eliminate sagging, moisturize, bring brightness, lift the jawline, slim face shape, firm face contour, reduce wrinkles, and eliminate double chin. multi-directional lifting and tightening, realize the effect of wire carving.

Special elastic lifting fabric, fight against gravity 

High elasticity recovery film, stereotactic design, lifting and wrapping technology, from point to point, comprehensive wrapping and lifting, the formation of skin memory, to improve the age-related skin sagging aging problems

Management chin: high elastic recovery, continuous stretching without deformation, to ensure the skin fixed strength effect and comfort

Special three-dimensional mesh: high wrapping, close to the skin, increase the fit of facial skin and film cloth, to fight gravity, tighten and lift the skin

High breathability: long time wearing not tired, the essence and the fabric do not separate, comfortable and breathable

Double lifting, double effect: tanging ear V-shaped face lift mask, double lifting, twice the effect of normal V lifting mask.

30-Day Firming and Lifting Facial Contour (Timeline Below)

1-2 hours: First-time experience, feel the beauty of upward contouring.

14 days: the initial effect, continuous enhancement.

28 days: there is a certain degree of improvement, the face is obviously firmer.

Follow-up 1-2 times/week, maintain stability, create a lasting small V face.

In addition, short-term wear for 1-2 hours can relieve facial edema in emergency.


① Lack of Elasticity - Due to aging and environmental factors, the skin around your chin loses elasticity and moisture.

② Shape and Firm - Our lifting mask naturally lifts jowls and sculpts the jawline into an ideal, chiseled shape.

③ Strengthening the Core - Our lifting mask replenishes the skin with collagen and vitamin E to promote blood circulation and restore elasticity.

④ Sharp on All Angles - Internal and external components work in hand to tone and maintain your newly defined jawline.

How To Use

Step 1: Wash your face as you normally would and dry it with a clean towel.

Step 2: Open the LumyV mask packaging, remove the protective film, and apply the gel side of the mask to your face, starting around the mouth and then working down to your chin, before attaching it behind your ears.

Step 3: Position the lower part of the mask at neck level and then hook it behind your ears.

Step 4: Using your fingertips, gently smooth the mask all over and then leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 5: Remove the mask, place it back in its package and keep it refrigerated to preserve the natural active ingredients.

Each mask can be reused 15 times! For best results, we recommend daily use for a minimum of 1 month.


Our skin changes as we age. Fine lines and wrinkles appear first and deepen over time.  As we continue to mature, our skin loses its firmness, radiance, and its elasticity.

The loss of elasticity, combined with the appearance of deep wrinkles, is a primary aging concern for women with mature skin.


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