Mini Hanging Camping Light

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The classic style makes it more aesthetically unique, and the lighting is soft, creating a quiet and elegant atmosphere at night.
Camping lights can be adjusted by turning the button. Clockwise rotation is better, light is weak, counterclockwise rotation is weak, ideal for outdoor camping and temporary power outage lighting at home.

The vintage lantern has a hook on the top that allows you to hang the lantern wherever you like, it is lightweight and portable, easy to camp, can be hung on trees, tents, roads, etc.
The battery light is made of high-quality ABS material, IP65 waterproof can cope with outdoor extreme weather, good waterproof function, no need to worry about splashing or rain.
Retro camping lights are suitable for outdoor activities such as life-saving kits, search, camping, picnics, and so on. It can also be used for indoor lighting, power outage use, or as decoration for living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, etc.

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