Microfiber Sponge Brush Cleaner for Cars

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This affordable Microfiber small washing sponge is perfect for easy and quick cleaning of cars. It absorbs shampoo better than regular cloth and won't scratch the surface due to its smooth material. Additionally, it can be used for home, office, and furniture cleaning. It is long-lasting, simple to use, easy to carry, and expandable. Get a better cleaning experience with this must-have item. This product is an effective and efficient way to maintain your car, home, office, and furniture, saving you time and money in the long run. Its high-quality microfiber material is built to last, and it can be easily stored and taken with you on the go. Get the deep clean your car and furniture deserve with this powerful cleaning tool.

The car wash sponge has an elastic band and can be adjusted in size, making the gloves suitable for all hands, comfortable, and convenient.
With fine workmanship, soft touch, effective dust absorption, clean on both sides, plush and fluffy, and has a lot of soapy water, easy to clean.
Microfiber house or car or window cleaning washing Duster cloth. This soft microfiber Duster is very absorbent and can carry abundant soap and water to loosen and lift dirt and grime away from the surface without scratching.
This Duster is extra plush, absorbent, super soft, and non-scratching wash mitt cleaning Duster is gentle on your vehicle's finish and delivers an amazing wash unlike any other. Manufactured from two of the softest materials available; chenille and microfiber.

Softer than the finest sheepskin mitt with the incredible absorption of microfiber. The ultra-fat spun fingers hold loads of soapy water delivering a premium wash that lubricates the surface while reducing friction.

  • Material: Microfiber
  • Color: Blue
  • Special Feature: Durable


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