Manual Teeth Cleaner

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Dental floss is a great accessory for your tooth oral care. Considering hygiene, it’s designed with a stick where you can hold it without touching the floss and keep it clean. Clean your teeth much more conveniently as you no longer have to hold the two ends of a thread.

cleaning teeth with a floss

  • Start using it today for healthier gums & an admirable smile. Keeps plaque build-up at bay.
  • Everything You Need for a Healthy Smile Complete oral care depends on more than just brushing alone.
  • Flosser scrubs between tight teeth stimulate gums and remove germs caused by bad breath.


 The right way to use dental floss

Due to the accumulation of plaque between teeth and on a gum line, periodontal diseases can develop. The disease can be prevented with proper oral hygiene. Therefore, simple tooth brushing with a dental cleaning brush is insufficient for that purpose.


3 Different Cleaning

  • Clean & scrub between tight teeth.
  • Stimulate & remove gums.
  • Can be used in tongue cleaner.


For superior inter-dental cleaning as part of daily oral care, floss is to be used daily. These also provide protection against cavities.


  • Brand Color - White, Pink
  • Type - Dental Floss Toothpick
  • Material - Plastic
  • Net Quantity - 20 pcs

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