Magic Practice Book With 10 Refill

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For children, it's important for them to go to preschool education which is easier to correct the gesture and writing method of holding the pen. The interesting activities in the workbook can bring a lot of educational fun for your children. Each preschool copybook page contains interesting, effective, and practical exercises so that children can get valuable eye-hand coordination and other handwriting skills. FEATURES

  • The paper is thick, not easy to smudge, and not easy to stain. The pen holder is made of silicone, which is 100% safe for children.
  • Building basic skills helps your little ones learn their letters, numbers, and pictures on every page. It is a great tool for developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.


  •  For each transcript, we offer a set of pencil jackets for you. It's convenient for children to reuse this copybook because the handwriting will disappear within 15 minutes of writing. It's includes a pen holder and 5 refills, so children can practice for a long time.


  • Dimensions: 459Gms
  • Weight: 10*7.5*6CM


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