Magic Animal Capsules Creatures For Kids

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Discover the enchanting world of magic animal capsules! These captivating creatures come in tiny capsules that magically grow into adorable animals when submerged in water. Immerse yourself in the excitement as you watch your favorite creatures take shape right before your eyes. From cuddly kittens to majestic unicorns, these delightful companions bring joy and wonder to both children and adults alike. Collect them all, and let the magic unfold as you nurture and care for these incredible water-activated creatures.


  • Magic animal capsules offer a wide variety of creatures, each encapsulated within a small package. From cute puppies and playful pandas to mythical dragons and colorful birds, the assortment ensures a thrilling surprise with each capsule.
  • Simply drop the capsule into water, and the magic begins! As it slowly dissolves, the creature inside expands and transforms, revealing its charming form. The transformation process adds an element of anticipation and amazement.
  • Magic animal capsules provide an interactive learning experience for kids and adults alike. Children can observe the growth process and learn about the science behind it, fostering curiosity and understanding of basic biology.
  • The capsules come in various themed series, encouraging collectors to seek out and complete their favorite sets. Whether it's a series of mythical creatures, zoo animals, or underwater wonders, the collectible aspect adds an element of excitement and motivation to acquire more capsules.
  • Unlike many toys that rely on batteries or electricity, magic animal capsules harness the power of water to create awe-inspiring transformations. This eco-friendly approach ensures a sustainable and engaging playtime experience.


  • Material - Foam
  • Product weight - 50 gram
  • Packaging dimensions - 21 x 13 x 6cm
  • Package content - 2 pcs


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