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Luggage Tags for Suitcase

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This luggage tag is made of durable PVC material, which is wear-resistant and soft and flexible. The colour of the luggage tag is eye-catching, so you can quickly and easily identify your suitcase among many suitcases. There is a card on the back of the luggage tag, you can write the name, address and phone number, so that the luggage is not lost. luggage tag is very versatile. It can be firmly attached to your suitcase, travel bag, school bag and much more. On the back of the suitcase tag there is a card on which you can write the name, address so that the luggage is not lost.


  • These name tags are made of premium material, soft, flexible and wear-resistant, the chic design is both practical and stylish. Bright colors and stylish exterior design of luggage tags allow you to quickly and easily identify your luggage from the multitude of suitcases.
  • The luggage tag with address tag has a card on the back so you can write your name, address and phone number to prevent your luggage from being lost.
  • These luggage tags come with a privacy flap that can be opened and closed to protect your personal information. Additionally, a sturdy buckle strap securely attaches the tag to your luggage for storage during transit.
  • These funny luggage tags look chic and make a great gift for friends, relatives, relatives who will be treasured for years to come


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