LED Antenna Shark Fin Light

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  • Built-in large capacity lithium battery, low power consumption, stable performance, durable.Use high efficiency solar panel, charge with light energy, absorb strong sunshine for 3 hours or rainy weather for 8 hours can be used normally for 3-5 days, absorb strong sunshine for 15 hours can be used normally for 15-20 days.

Waterproof Solar Power Car Chase Taillights LED Strobe Tail Light Car Decorate Aerials Antenna Warning lights

  • The outer case baking paint, the same color baking paint for the original car, has a high surface finish, corrosion resistance and aging resistance as the original car paint.Traffic warning function is automatically turned on, with high sensitivity vibration sensor and photosensitive system built in, which blinks in the dark environment at the same time.

  • Installation method is simple, using no wire connection, just tear off the bottom of the product and stick to the roof.

  • The light is nearly as bright as the taillight, LED light has high brightness and good stability. Two blue light warnings + two white light flash + two red light warnings, have a good warning effect when driving.

solar led roof warning light antenna add style and safety to your car with car shark fin antenna details 1

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