LazyBrush Instant Glass Cleaner

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Washing Glass has never been Easier without the LazyBrush



  • Double-head brush design removes stubborn stains.
  • Made with 3 sturdy suctions cups to keep the brush in place.
  • The brush can be attached to a wall. table, sink, etc.
  • Multipurpose for washing bottle, wine, glass, and cup.
  • Very hygienic and easy to clean.


Limited Time Stay At Home 50%Off Discount. So grab yours now and Cleans the dirt perfectly!


✩ Family Essential Brush

This brush is thick and can clean all kinds of cups, such as baby bottles, sports bottles, wine glasses, long cups, vacuum cups, travel bottles, rice bottles, vases or coffee pots, etc. Perfect cleaning tools for bar kitchen.




✩ Suction Cup Installation

There are three suction cups at the brush bottom, LazyBrush can be attached to the wall, table, or attaches to the bottom of the sink, just slide glassware between the two sets of bristles, convenient to use and cleans mess perfectly!



✩ Dual Brush

The LazyBrush consist double-sided bristle brush that cleans inner & outer surfaces with ease. Cleans tall vessels that are hard to reach w/sponge. Effective in the basement or utility sink for work. Rounded, durable bristles are fast & effective
Removes stains, for squeaky clean & shiny look.


 Easy to Clean & Retractable

LazyBrush can be cleaned, it is convenient to store, does not take up space, easy to drain, clean and hygienic. It features a small handle, making it easy to remove and disassemble. Now keep those glass and cups germs free.


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