Laptop Screen Stand Phone Holder

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Easy interaction between notebook and mobile phoneGood helper for office and entertainment High-efficiency office refuse to be a bow family You don't have to worry about your cell phone running out of power anymore. Fit our deviceThe mobile phone is stable and reliable strong magnetic field cannot be thrown off. Super adsorption Don't worry about the mobile phone slipping. Various angles can be adjusted at will. Small and easy to store, Easy to put in the computer bagLess space, less worry. The back glue can be pasted and used repeatedly use without leaving traces.


  •  Smartphone brackets for laptop or desktop monitor. The cell phone holder of the computer monitor is magnetically designed so that the cell phone can be firmly attracted next to the laptop or monitor. Easily perform multiple tasks between your phone and laptop without lifting the handset.
  •  This magnetic side mounting clip can clip a tablet or cell phone to a laptop for a multi-display computing experience, expand your screen, increase your productivity, and multitask at home, in the office, or on the go. Particularly suitable for live broadcasts or video conferences. You can also use it as a headphone hanger to keep your desk tidy.
  •  This magnetic phone clip side mount monitor holder is a quick and easy way to mount your phone without the use of dirty adhesives or bulky clips. All you need to do is remove the protective film, attach the magnetic holder to the laptop the first time, and just put your phone or tablet on it each time you use it. A protective sponge is attached to the magnetic contact surface to effectively protect your equipment.
  •  This bracket adopts a slim shape and foldable design, making it easy to carry in your pocket. Mini compact size, foldable and space-saving, easy to carry. Robust and durable, can be used frequently. It is unique in its shape and powerful and Magnetic Phone Stand is compatible with all 4-8 inch smartphones. can be used as a gift for friends and family.
  • Accessories: 1 x bracket, 2 x magnetic plate, 1 x 3M adhesive tape. For more information on this product, please scroll down to the product information page for more information. We make sure that we are responsible for all Adhiper products. Adhiper gives you 16 months worry-free. And if you have any questions about any of these products, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will answer you as soon as possible.


  • Material:  aluminum alloy.
  • Product size: 12 * 3 * 0.5cm.
  • Packing size: 14.6cm * 6.1cm * 0.6cm.
  • Accessories: 1 x bracket, 2 x magnetic plate, 1 x 3M adhesive tape.
  • Usage: can be used to connect cell phones and laptops.
  • Application tips: When using, tear off the blue protective film on the magnetizing film and use it more firmly.

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