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Kitchen Measuring Spoon

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Measure solid and liquid food ingredients for cooking and baking Ring holder for easy removal of spoons cups. Spoons and cups nest into each other for convenience in hanging and storing. These measuring cups and spoons are well-made, easy to clean, and really do fit into small spice bottles, unlike typical, measuring spoons, with no spilling or waste. Also, the ring that holds them is openable, you can open it for cleaning, re-group the measuring cups or spoons when done.


  • Each package of measuring cups and spoons is clearly labelled with measurement markings
  • Easy to use for following any recipes and ingredients you need.
  • Measuring Cups & teaspoons are marked in millilitres. Comes with a ring holder to store all your measuring spoons together and separate them when needed.
  • Made of 100% plastic material, lightweight, durable and easy to clean
  • Perfect for everyday cooking/baking. Great For Sugar, Flour, Coffee, Tea, And Other Ingredients used for baking & cooking.


  • Material: Plastic 
  • Item Weight - 99 g
  • Net Quantity - One pack of 8 Pcs. 

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