Kitchen corner sink garbage storage rack

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Easy to use storage rack for Kitchen corner sink with included installation steps. Effectively separates solid and liquid waste to prevent clogging. Elastic and disposable mesh bags for convenient disposal included with corner strainer set.

This triangle sink holder is made of thick PP material and adopts triangular design, more stable and durable after long-term use, and keep your sink table clean and tidy. The mesh bags are elastic and flexible, so they can be easily connected to the 6 point holder and remain stable.


This kitchen sink strainer not only can be used to filter leftovers, vegetable residue and tea residue, but also can be used to place freshly washed vegetables and fruits after replacing a new filter bag.

The angle filter can be easily installed in the corner of the kitchen sink. It is specially designed to be placed in the corner of the triangle-shaped sink. It occupies a small space and does not interfere with the normal use of the sink.

This sink filter bag adopts ultra-thin mesh, which can filter most food residue and perfectly solve the problem of blocking the sink


  • Vol. Weight (Gm):- 256
  • Product Weight (Gm):- 144
  • Ship Weight (Gm):- 256
  • Length (Cm):- 22
  • Breadth (Cm) :- 14
  • Height (Cm):- 4



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