Inflatable Soft and Comfortable Velvet Air Pillow

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This air pillow can make a difference to your health. Air pillows help you to keep healthy. It supports your neck, backbone, sleeping, and sitting for comfort. These air pillows are specially designed ergonomic supports for your neck, and backbone. They hold it in the proper position during sleep, while also cradling the head and shoulders. Your neck and head must be at proper angles (alignment) when you are lying down because it helps avoid strain on the soft tissues and joints from the middle back to the neck. If you travel so much then it will help you to provide comfort during travelling. The air pillows come with an air nozzle. Also, the air pillow quality is superior so you do need to worry about damage.
The safety valve prevents air leakage. It can be used as a backrest or cushion and comfortably provides lower back support.
Easy to inflate and deflate for easy storage and travel. you can fill it with air and discharge air anytime.
Handwash the Pillow and do not put the pillow in the washing machine. It is perfect for home use, travel, outdoor activities, etc.

  • Material: Velvet, Poly
  • Package Content: 1 Pc


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