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High Strength Stretchable Elastic Rope

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The Elastic Bungee / Shock Cords are elastic and are resistant to air and wind pressure. They are extremely tough, high-stretch, woven polypropylene braiding covering a strong natural rubber latex core. The cord is light-weight, strong, wear-resistant and long lasting. Capable of stretching under load to about twice it's untensioned length. The robust construction ensures durability and reliability for a multitude of applications, and its compact size makes it easy to store and transport. Its superior strength makes it an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications such as securing large objects, emergency repairs, camping and outdoor activities.


  • Bungee Cords are made of premium materials and, as with all our products, are designed with your needs in mind. They’re made with cross-woven rubber and latex, making them twice as strong and elastic as regular rubber bungee cords,
  • Expandable. Thickness: 1 inch Wide elasticity and not easily damaged Convenient to carry, take up less space
  • Plastic hooks covered with uv-resistant plastic to protect your cargo from unwanted scratches and harsh weather conditions
  • Our customers love using our bungee Ropes for many different needs. Whether you’re packing for a camping trip, storing packages in the garage, moving boxes, fastening items to your ATV, bicycle, boat, motorcycle, trailer, kayak or SUV - there is a bungee cord to help make it happen. That’s why we designed unique, premium bungee straps, for anywhere, anytime use
  • Assorted colored Heavy duty 3 round bungee ropes with hooks at both the End.


  • Size - Medium
  • Material - Rubber
  • Colour - Multicolour


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