Heated Neck & Shoulder Wrap Warmer

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SuzziPad Purple Microwave Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders, Microwavable New. - Picture 1 of 10

  • Moist Heating Pad Microwavable for Stress Relief: SuzziPad heat pack is microwavable filled with 100% natural flaxseed, clay beads, sorghum and millets, providing natural therapy by soothing moist heat which better results in alleviating body pain like chronic neck pain, shoulder joints pain, muscle stiffness, abdominal cramps, and arthritis.

  • Ergonomic Design for Effectiveness: Large curved shape with high collar and wide shoulder conforms to the body perfectly, giving you full coverage to the neck, shoulder, and upper back to achieve maximum comfort. The long chest cover helps secure the neck warmer microwavable heating pad for neck and shoulders without sliding down. Weighted 3.2 lbs, the heating pad provide decent compress therapy for relief and relaxation.

  • User-Friendly Design: These microwavable heating pads allow you to enjoy two levels of soothing warmth: one side made of Minky is ultra-soft to the skin and durable. The other side made of Dutch Velvet is silky soft and has longer heat retention. The segment design ensures the seeds are distributed evenly, and have more flexibility to apply to your arm, stomach, lower back, and leg. In addition, unscented design is friendly to people who are sensitive to fragrance.

  • Enjoy Soothing Natural Hot and Cold Therapy: Just microwave these shoulder heating pads safely for 20 mins, the neck hot pack for pain relief provides a deep, penetrating moist heat to your target area, which can reduce inflammation, stress, and pain by promoting circulation. Freezing neck warmer for 2 hours can help you to get a pleasant cold to reduce swelling due to strains and sprains.

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