Heat Insulation Hollow Anti-Slip Wooden Pad

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Style: STYLE 1
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The simple Square design and pattern look great against nearly any style of furniture or décor, making them ideal for any occasion. Use Coasters as holders for coffee cups, wine glasses, mugs, drinks, beer bottles, pots, and even for small plants and DIY projects. They are also great for an art project. Along with protecting the tabletop surface and furniture, they also reduce noise from glasses and mugs. A must-have addition to your dining ensemble or living room coffee table, this set of coasters with a coaster holder is perfect for protecting your furniture’s finishes. Keep them on hand while you enjoy your morning iced coffee, or use them to serve up fruity sangria at your next dinner party. Protect your dining table with these practical and durable natural coasters. Our cup handler can protect various surfaces, either is wood, glass, stone, tiles, and much more. Simple, effective, and designed for heat resistance, these coasters are essential for any household, office, or bar.


  • Material: Wood
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • No. of Items: 3

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