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Still worried about ironing clothes will be hot hands?

Designed for ironing, ironing without ironing hands, flexible ironing anywhere!

✔ Clothes Steam Ironing Gloves: Easily remove all kinds of wrinkles from clothing. The waterproof surface completely seals out moisture and prevents steam from entering the glove. Mesh back pockets keep your hands ventilated and comfortable.

热卖 - 节省 50% 折扣🔥Handy 迷你熨衣板 - 获得额外 20% 折扣和免费送货

✔ Hand ironing board: Built-in ring, easy to use. Helps to gently iron shirts, coats, jackets, T-shirts, and more.

热卖 - 节省 50% 折扣🔥Handy 迷你熨衣板 - 获得额外 20% 折扣和免费送货

✔ Thermal Insulation: The outer layer of this steam glove is a professional anti-scald thermal insulation cloth. The inside is a thick sponge and durable nylon. Effectively insulates and avoids steam.

热卖 - 节省 50% 折扣🔥Handy 迷你熨衣板 - 获得额外 20% 折扣和免费送货

✔ Protect Your Hands: Protect your hands and wrists from hot steam, water, and other heating elements. The interior space is large and the operation is more convenient. 

✔ Muti-Purpose: Both hands can be used without restriction. Designed for all steam irons, such as fabric steamer, garment steamer, handheld garment steamer, travel garment steamers, standing fabric steamer, etc. The wide surface ironing clothes and the pointed tip ironing the neck and sleeves.

热卖 - 节省 50% 折扣🔥Handy 迷你熨衣板 - 获得额外 20% 折扣和免费送货

✔ Lightweight and easy to carry: Only 0.4 lbs. And much lighter than other gloves and therefore more flexible to use. You can take them with you without any additional ironing board.


  • Size: as shown
  • Color: gray
  • Style: pointed/round
  • Weight: 0.4 lbs
  • Package includes: 1*Handy Mini Ironing Board

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