Handheld Microfiber Flex Duster Random Colour

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The Multipurpose Duster with Greatness Microfiber duster head The microfiber head holds onto the dust instead of spreading it around Extension handle Long handle allows you to reach high hard-to-reach corners easily Flexible wire core The thin, bendable wire core of this duster can be used into and around tight spaces easily Easy-to-clean The microfiber head can be easily cleaned with machine wash Soft touch The duster microfiber head covers large areas and traps dust without the help of harsh chemicals. Reusable head The microfiber cover of the duster is designed to be effective even after hundreds of washings.



The long extendable handle allows you to reach hard-to-reach corners. It is a soft, super-absorbent, and quick-drying duster No more chairs or dangerous ladders to climb on.


Clean and dust your window blinds and ceiling fans the safe way. No ladders are needed, with an easy-to-grip handle and an extendable shaft to reach into those hard-to-reach places. You'll be able to clean all your surfaces with ease and comfort.


With the extendable pole, you can reach the high ceiling. No need to invest in extra tools - this duster offers ample reach and flexibility.


Flexible, the head is great for cars, window blinds, ceiling fans, crown molding, and bookshelves. It's perfect for tight spaces and won't leave any dust behind. Plus, it's easy to store in small spaces when not in use.


Microfiber duster picks up dirt and dust without damaging delicate surfaces or scratching, without the use of chemicals Package Quantity 1 Pc Microfiber Cleaning Duster Material Microfiber + Flexible Steel + plastic Handle Color.



  • Material: Microfiber
  • Product Weight: 150 gms
  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 7 x 5 Cm 
  • Packing Dimensions: 57 x 9 x 7 Cm
  • Package Content: 1 Pc

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