Hair Catcher Laundry Balls for Washing Machine

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The washing machine hair catcher uses a conical mesh net to collect fur, hair, lint, dander, and other debris from clothes. Enjoy fresh, clean, lint-free clothes with ease. Washing powder can be put in the floating fleece mesh bag of the washing machine, with the continuous rotation of water flow, the washing powder can be completely dissolved, producing dense foam, and cleaning is cleaner.

These pet hair removers are great lint removers when washing clothes, these washing machine lint catchers absorb the hair and debris into the washing machine filter before they go down the drain outlet, to make your clothes cleaner, and avoid blocking the drain.
These durable net bags can reduce clogging troubles, and protect your expensive washing machine from unnecessary breakdowns every day. It is a good helper to remove lint or hair from clothes, especially suitable for pet lovers.
Made of high-quality PP material and 4th updated design improvement, the pet hair catcher can be reusable 600 times maximum. Simply remove any remaining debris and clean the net after use.
With this lint remover for washing machines you don't have to remove the hairs manually before washing clothes, just put them into the washing machine, and they will do this for you. Never worry about lint and pet hair later.
Put the Hair Filter into the washing machine and place it above the clothes, start the pulsator washing machine then the filter starts to collect debris and hairs.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Product Weight: 30 gms
  • Product Dimensions: 17x11 Cm

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